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Noob Goes to Lincoln

What possesses someone to travel 1000 miles round trip to race for 6 minutes? I have asked myself this question for several years. In fact, I had registered and cancelled two years ago because the answer to this question wasn’t urgent enough to expend the time and energy to find out the answer.

2017 Autocross Event 1 Review

We had 1,060 scored runs for a first autocross event of the year, and we could only do that with the efforts of all of you! You do not know how much we appreciate it. Not everything went without a hitch, but we have some good notes and ideas to bring some more efficiencies the next time around.

The Learning Curve

Posted March 5, 2016 THE LEARNING CURVE – Solo New Drivers School Chicago Region Solo driver’s school is an excellent way to learn about and become involved in Solo events. It is a two-part...

2015 Solo Events

Posted November 15, 2015 The 2015 solo season has been completed. Results of the 2015 Solo Championship Series are presented on the Region website, Solo Section. Click on the Solo/ Autocross Link and then...