Chicago SCCA Web Advertising

If you would like to advertise on the Chicago Region SCCA website, here are the specifications:

Layout and Application:

The advertising area is displayed on every page. It resides in the upper left corner, and is comprised of two separate containers. Each container is 125 pixels by 125 pixels, and these dimensions are strictly defined by the page layout. Therefore, all content will be sized to fit into a 125 pixel x 125 pixel container:


Each half of this area is discrete, meaning the content in each container series is separate from the other. They rotate images every 5 seconds to allow the best exposure to the website visitors while allowing the message adequate comprehension. The rotation in each container series is limited to four separate messages, meaning each message will be display 25% of the time. The rotation is intended to be random. The same message can occupy multiple containers in each (or both) container series to increase the percentage of exposure.

The left container series is displayed on each page of the website, while the right container series may be page specific. Therefore. partners have the choice of three options:

  • Entire site
  • Specific Page (such as Club Racing Information, Solo Information, etc.)
  • Home Page only (which corresponds to the right container on the Home page)

*Chicago Region SCCA may increase the exposure for content based on filling available spots in an effort to improve the look and feel of the website. If the content is display in more than the agreed upon areas, this exposure may be reduced to the agreed upon areas at any time.

Submission Guidelines:

File Formats:

All common still image format may be used, including vector formats such as .eps and .svg. The image provided will be scaled to fit the area defined above, and the file format will be changed in the resulting output to a typical web-friendly raster format, such as .jpg or .png. The submitter should specify whether the background should be transparent or filled with a color, unless it is to be left at the discretion of Chicago Region. If the background is to be transparent, the file format used for submission should support this and be already transparent for the best results (.gif, .png, etc.).

Larger resolutions are always preferred, as we may keep these on file for other uses should the submitter prefer. These uses may include inclusion in News articles on the home page, or other promotional opportunities.

Aspect Ratio:

Regardless of the resolution of the submitted file, it will be scales to fit into a 125px x 125px square container. This should be taken into account, as submissions that are long relative to height may become illegible when scaled. Here is an example:

Chicago Region header image:




Chicago Region header image scaled:


It is best to start with an image that has a 1:1 aspect ratio to ensure the outcome of the scaling will be as expected.


The image may be linked to a specific site on the internet, or to an email. Please specify the link URL when submitting if this is desired.

How to submit:

Agreements to advertise are made with the Club Office. The office may be contacted at:


Mailing Address:
Chicago Region SCCA
921 Lawn Cir
Western Springs, IL 60558-2262